Marco Visconti

Marco Visconti

Turin, IT



The project comprises a new Auditorium which is placed along an inclined floor that puts to use all the available length, unifying in fact stalls and circle for the 414 seats in total. The secondary hall, for conferences and support activities, is placed below the main hall and contains 170 seats. This hall can be partitioned by using acoustic mobile divisions. A symmetric system of two corridors is applied, leading to the secondary and the main hall. The ground floor connection is defined by the use of segmented walls that give the lower hall a better acoustic response and cooperate to liven up the corridors through clean surfaces underlined by lively colors. The main hall is defined by its inclined shape creating a fusion between stalls and circle, and by the geometry of the big false ceiling in acoustic plaster, strongly controlled by the coherent fixtures and lighting design. Similarly the small hall, with segmented walls, presents a great environmental comfort. The false ceiling with variable inclinations brings the telescope pattern of the total architectural volume also in this limited space. It not only contains fixtures and lighting but also plays an important acoustic role.

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Status: Built
Location: Torino, IT
My Role: Architect