Marco Rocha

Marco Rocha

Portugal, PT


Walking Boulevard

Europan 10 - Inventing Urbanity - Walking Boulevard

Site: Portugal – Lisbon, Campo Grande
Study site: 46 ha
Site of Project: 9.5 ha
Team Leader: Marco Rocha
Team: David Dias, Hugo Meireles


The objective is to reinvent urbanity in the urban fabric of Lisbon proposing the materialization of a dynamic and contemporary space resolving the needs of a young and dynamic population.
For that, the urban space relates to a local quality of neighbourhood, integrated in the global dynamic of the city with a more urban feel.


The project proposes a cultural city as a foundation of the identity of the intervention site. This will integrate the dynamic of the city offering a focal point with capabilities to compete as an urban hub on its own.


This philosophy promotes the connection of the 2ª Circular to the Campo Grande by means of a tunnel, freeing the surface off the site for the creation of quality urban space. That urban space is materialized in a central avenue, a walking boulevard that intercepts the geometry of the urban block creating relations with secondary streets as interior spaces of the blocks with a more communitarian feel. The automobile in the surface is relegated to a peripheral circulation on the site.


The urban blocks have specific relation with the urban structure, relations that are manifested not only in the distribution of the functions but also with de volumetric definition of the construction.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Portugal, PT