Marco Rocha

Marco Rocha

Portugal, PT


MUDE | 22 Yrs of Design at FAUL

Located on MUDE second floor characterized by an apparently vacant industrial aesthetic, the Set Design concept was the process of lining and the architectural model of ‘Pombaline cage’, in Lisbon downtown where the Museum is situated.

The Set Design reveals the conceptualization of the construction processes characterized by volumes coated in suit lining, illuminate d plastic-pallet plinths, glowing suspended spheres and geometric pinewood cages lifted above the floor and a massive rectangular chandelier also lined in fabric fringes.

All these elements condense or diverges circuits of the exhibition where it can be seen a wide range of design disciplines displayed by the curator-in charge and all creatives involved.


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Status: Built
Location: Portugal, PT
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Curator: Mário Matos Ribeiro
Other creatives involved: Graziela Sousa, Inês Simões, Leonor Ferrão, Marco Neves, Michele Santos
Location: MUDE - Design and Fashion Museum, Lisbon
Area: 500 square meters
General Contractor: EuroStand & Air Star light
Photography: d10photo