Michan Architecture

Michan Architecture

Mexico City


TL 2816

This project is for a mixed use, mid-market development in Mexico City with a zoning code of 15 floors above ground and 70 % of footprint. The vertical void that articulates the L shape scheme and divides the project in two towers is the boundary between residential and office, becomes larger as it approaches to the ground creating an urban scale door that connects the interior open space with the exterior context. This axis becomes a new commercial pedestrian street.

The residential tower has 13th floors with 99 apartments of 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms and several shared amenities. The office tower has 500 sqm of free open plan in 13 floors to be subdivided according to the needs of each user. Both towers have commercial activity in the ground and first floor. 5 floors below ground will be excavated to have carpark spaces for all the residents and machine rooms.

The asymmetrical curves of the brake and the contrast in materiality; stucco on the outside and grey brick on the interior, produces a tension between the buildings, as they seem to be kissing, but never reach each other. 

The outside expression of the project is achieved with grey stucco and long rectangular windows, producing a mute facade that contrasts the interior commercial facade. The simple pattern of the vertical apertures on the outside facade decieves the horizontal lines of the floorplates enlarging the project vertically and playing constantly with the scale of the buildings, this pattern of long rectangular windows is used both in the office building as well as in the residential. it adapts to each interior condition; sometimes there is a balcony with a living room, others a bedroom or an office space.

The structure is a hybrid system of steel members covered with reinforced concrete. All the building is structured with columns and beams toghether with the vertical circulation core. At the cuts of the towers, the columns continue their trajectory down but inclined rather than completely vertically.   

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Status: Under Construction
Location: México Distrito Federal, MX
Firm Role: Architect, Designer
Additional Credits: Location: Mexico City
Type: Mixed used development
Year: 2017-2019
Team: Isaac Michan, Narciso Martínez, Alan Eskildsen, Omar Acevedo
Render: Teras
Status: In progress