Michan Architecture

Michan Architecture

Mexico City



Luma Cafe, is a small cafeteria located at the ground floor of a corporate building in Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City.

Given the layout of the space, with its narrowest side facing the street, the open kitchen is located at the back of the space, allowing an open space at the front with more flexibility and different types of seating configurations, such as four seats tables and a long concrete bench for two seats tables. 

The design of the project seeks to generate a subtle atmosphere full of interesting effects and textures that are archived by glitching traditional materials with different finishes such as exposed concrete, terrazzo, stucco, and felt.

The stucco walls are built with a traditional textured technique of vertical lines, but with a small deformation in the lower parts, which creates a sensation where the lines begin to disappear randomly.

On the ceiling there is a hanging element that can be seen as a mega lamp, alluring hanging rocks, or as an integral lighting and decorative element that brings a cozier scale to the space. This element is conformed from a boolean field of spheres deformed by cables. The two systems (felt rocks and cables) are intertwin, generating a cohesive piece that creates a controlled disorder.

The general atmosphere of the space brings a tension between rough and polished materials which creates a coherent but unexpected ambience. 

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Status: Built
Location: México Distrito Federal, MX
Additional Credits: Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Type: Commission, Commercial, Interior design
Materials: Concrete, Terrazzo, Stucco, Fabric, wood
Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Narcisso Martínez, Omar Acevedo
Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Photography: Vicente Muños, Michan Architecture