Michael Dennis

Michael Dennis

Cambridge, MA, US


Washington Heights M.o.M.A.

The Washington Heights Museum of Modern Art serves as a satellite location of the larger M.o.M.A. on West 53 Street, focusing more on local art and design.  The building is developed on the small site of the Pinehurst Steps on West 181st St of Manhattan in a manner that maximizes programmatic interior space while also remaining a public exterior space for the surrounding community.  Taking inspiration from 20th century avant-garde cubism, it’s form was conceived by placing 3-dimensional grid within the bounds of the site; and through a systemmatic rearrangement of the grid, a geometric evolution is realized and refined to maximize functionable interior and exterior space.  On the exterior, public circulation is placed on the west edge of the site, allowing the majority of the site to be dedicated to the museum.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US