Luis Felix

Luis Felix

Miami, FL, US


School of Architecture

The design for the new School of Architecture of the PUCPR (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico) required the architectural renovation and programmatic adaptation of the former Forteza Building, a reinforced concrete structure from the second decade of the previous century. The concept of preserving the protagonism of the original structure of the building determined the definition of the various spaces and the placement of the partitions and the elements for the air conditioning and illumination. This transparency, together with the multiple windows towards the patios, permitted the deluge of natural light into the first level. The focus in the architectonic expression of the space was to maintain a plain language, where moderation and neutrality prevailed. This provided for a space that does not point to particular modes of expression, but rather it allows the architecture student to generate his own creative inspiration.

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Status: Built
Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico, USA
My Role: Architect / Designer / Project Manager