Luis Felix

Luis Felix

Miami, FL, US


Lott Haus

The new LOFThaus furniture shop is a three level structure built above a ground parking level. The design concept behind the expansion of the original building was to create a structure that would evoke a loft type of space. Lofts are characterized mainly by large adaptable open spaces with high ceilings and exposed structure. These are typically converted from previous factory, warehouse or other industrial spaces. The main challenge of the project was building with half of the original intended budget. To achieve this without altering the overall architectural design, the original steel structure was substituted by poured concrete. Beams were replaced by a system of post tensioned cables, which allowed for less concrete. The footings were designed separate to the adjoining neighbor structures, which lowered the costs related to otherwise expensive excavations with sheet piling, which is typical when building close to other structures in the perimeter. Another design challenge was balancing the façade with the immediate context and providing parking spaces in a tight site, in one of the busiest avenues of the metro area. The design, which deals with a building footprint and parking that occupy 95% of the site, solved the need for more parking spaces by lifting part of the structure to allow for a large parking area beneath the building. The building’s expansion is characterized by a large square volume that opens its views to the street with a triple height glass panel. The articulation of the glass panel mullions is a modern interpretation of industrial window panels. Once inside the building one can appreciate the diaphanous quality of the space, uninterrupted, versatile and easily adaptable to movement and rearrangement of furniture displays. The use of unfinished poured concrete was another important design feature of being true to the material, a tenet of modern architecture and of loft projects. The floors and ceilings of the store have been left exposed to emphasize the loft theme, which also gives its name and concept to the furniture shop.

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Status: Built
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
My Role: Architect / Designer / Project Manager