Luca Marullo

Luca Marullo

Milan, IT



Architect based in Milan, founder of Parasite 2.0.


Luca's Featured Articles on Archinect

Cosmology, Subcultures and Urban Wilderness, Fri, May 12 '17

Throughout human history, every civilization has created its own cosmology, narrating and building a vision of the world, the universe, and of life and death. Each cosmology coincided with a method of shaping the human environment through architecture, and, within these realities, various cultures ...

Cosmology, Subcultures and Urban Wilderness

The Internet Was a Desert, Fri, Jan 27 '17

Looking for a picture that represents something related to the internet, we thought about the desert.

The Internet Was a Desert


Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT, MArch, Architettura delle Costruzioni

Jan 2008 - Jan 2015


YAP MAXXI, 1st Place