lily riefkohl

lily riefkohl

San Juan, PR, US


Illuminating the Viejo San Juan

Repossessing the Wall Community of the Drug lords via restoration of Natural Boundaries between the Old City walls and the Atlantic
The skyscraper as a beacon in the tradition of San Juan lighthouse, illuminates the Viejo San Juan at the Atlantic Ocean entry to the city port  This fifty-nine story amalgam skyscraper will incorporate sky gardens and wind harvesting with the use of 319kw turbine. 
At its base is La Perla, a high crime slum neighborhood, sustained by illegal drug trafficking.  Redemption of La Perla is enhanced by returning this land to the community as an enhanced park, thereby revealing the wall of the Old City.  Reestablishing the original topography of the site and capitalizing on the thirty-foot grade change from the top to the hill to the water’s edge, the park is navigated by a continuous pedestrian path with market, open plazas, performing arts facilities, restaurants and art galleries.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Juan, PR, US
My Role: designer
Additional Credits: Amanda Ortiz, design partner