lily riefkohl

lily riefkohl

San Juan, PR, US


Haute et Basse

Lacoste France posses amazing vine yards and immense fields in which nature can be explored and experimented.  SCAD posses a school in this location, where students in contact with nature and with a medieval environment and constructions are deeply inspired.  SCAD Lacoste have facilities for interior and architectural design, computer labs for digital design, class rooms for painting and animation inspiration, but there is not space for any degree.  Even thou SCAD is a college of art and design, there is no room for culinary arts in it.  This design integrates not only a school for culinary arts, but also all the needs the Lacoste town has.  Lacoste is a small town that even where is very frequented by tourist lacks from hotel, restaurant and entertainment.  All this is included in the program of this building to support the school, generate employment and increment the economy of the area.  The building is designed utilizing the principles and concept from Feng-Shui,  It integrates the energy from Feng-Shui with nature, environmental design and sustainable techniques.  The building is inserted in the land and integrated with topography to allow people walk to the roof as if they were in a mountain improving the views of the surroundings and increment the space available to harvest.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lacoste, FR
My Role: designer