lily riefkohl

lily riefkohl

San Juan, PR, US




Cuadrado Alfombras, San Juan, PR, US, Freelancer Product Designer

-Designed the carpet pattern for the Direct TV building using 11 different tile samples and styles
-Created design plans, sketches and specifications of tile amount required per design.

Oct 2013 - current

PUCPR, Ponce, PR, US, Lecturer, Digital Design Consultant

-Lectured, taught, and assisted students to develop critical thinking and to apply design strategies considering life safety, accessibility, context and culture.
-Developed agendas to help third year architecture students evolve Fundamental Design, Visual communication, Technical Documentation, Applied Research, Sustainability, Pre-Design and Site Design skills.
-Developed agendas to help second year architecture students evolve their Ordering Systems, Fundamental Design, Investigative, Visual Communication and Design Thinking skills.
-Integrate BIM tools into the construction area such as Structures and Architecture to develop parametric models for elements of performative facades and curtain walls.
-Taught students to explore, analyze and intervene upon historical architecture both as individual elements and pieces within districts, zones, regions and contemporary community.
-Expanded the student’s notion of 3D modeling with advanced representation, use of materials, construction systems, detailing and contextual animation.

Aug 2012 - current

Freelancer Interior Designer, Guaynabo, PR, US, Freelancer Interior Decorator

Various Clients, Private Residences (Locations: GA, FL, VA, PR)
-Confer with clients to determine requirement and budgets
-Explore and determine spaces to determine logistics
-Advise clients on selecting designs and materials
-Manage sub-contraction for fabrication and installation of materials
-Plan and design interiors based on clients’ needs

Aug 2010 - current

Freelancer Interior Designer, San Juan, PR, US, Freelancer Interior Designer

Private Clients Residential Projects (Locations: GA, FL, PR)
-Developed planning concepts and documentation for several housing remodeling projects.
-Developed different bathroom and kitchen layout design
-Designed bathroom and kitchen furniture.
-Participate in construction administration
-Managed client expectations and consultant coordination

Jan 2009 - current

Cue & Lopez Contractor Inc, San Juan, PR, US, Freelancer Architectural & Interior Designer

-Worked through the conceptual design, schematic design, design development and construction documents of institutional buildings.
-Responsible of incorporating sustainable techniques in institutional buildings.

Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

RH Consultants, San Juan, PR, US, Freelancer Architectural Designer

-Worked through the conceptual design, schematic design, design development and construction documents of commercial and hospitality buildings.
-Responsible for incorporation of sustainable and environmental design techniques.
-Created mood boards, 3D presentations and documentation for the design of a hospitality building
-Selected materials, furniture and lightning.
-Assisted to meetings with owner, contractors and vendors.

Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

Freelancer Furniture Designer, San Juan, PR, US, Freelancer Furniture Designer

Various Clients
-Designed and created construction plans and specifications for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
-Designed and created construction drawings and specifications for bedroom furniture
-Designed and created drawings and specifications for dining room furniture
-Designed lighting fixtures.

Jan 2009 - Oct 2012

Freelancer Landscape Designer, Miami, FL, US, Freelancer Landscape Designer

-Designed Residential landscape and exterior areas (pool, bar and kitchen)
-Contributed to fieldwork on project construction
-Oversaw construction on final project design on site

Jun 2011 - Dec 2011

NOP Group, Guaynabo, PR, US, Environmental Planner and Environmental Designer

-Assisted clients with the environmental manual, and city permits needed prior and during the construction phase.
-Draw plans, according to requirements
-Performed site visits and worked on site documentation.

Aug 2004 - Jun 2009


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, MArch, Architecture

The fundamental and experiential foundation of the School of Building Arts (SBA) and the architecture department, specifically, lies within the studio-based courses that provide an integral and hands-on approach to teaching future professionals. The importance of this structure, both within the department and outside, in the professional world of building arts creates a necessity for the studio physical environment to be conducive for the formulation of ideals of creativity and collaboration. Fostering these skills within the students becomes a crucial goal in the development of competent professionals.

Architects create the built environment. They synthesize issues of human need, environment setting, building technology, visual perception and aesthetic theory to create buildings and spaces where people live, work, shop, learn, worship, play and entertain. The SCAD architecture program prepares students to be multi-specialist professionals with a vast range of technical and creative skills.

The professional M.Arch. degree is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

Sep 2009 - Jul 2012

Instituto di moda Burgo, Milan, IT, Beachwear design

Istituto di Moda Burgo courses are based on key points, which includes students collections, tailored garments utilizing companies techniques, which makes students more competitive. The teachers follow each student individually, offering a customized program. This creates an educational training based on the peculiarities of the student, reinforcing the points in which it he is weakest and enhancing the natural abilities.

May 2009 - Jul 2009

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR, US, architecture

The Bachelor of Environmental Design (BDA) of the School of Architecture, is a non-professional four years. The education includes courses both humanistic and technical cuts, always referring to the particular needs of Puerto Rico. The program consists of 39 courses, for a total of 131 credits. These credits are divided into 42 credits of general education component, 9 credits of electives, and 80 credits of concentration courses. The general education courses, prepare students in various areas, such as physics, mathematics, biology, literature and social sciences. Elective courses, on the other hand, allow students to take courses according to their interests, in any of the many areas of expertise available in the Rio Piedras Campus and / or other facilities of the University System of Puerto Rico. The concentration courses are those directed at specific subject knowledge of environmental design. They are divided into design (35 credits), history and theory (18 credits), structures and technology (24 credits).

Jul 2004 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization