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    I-5 Colonnade Park

    Evan Chakroff
    Oct 4, '14 3:10 AM EST

    [photoset: under I-5, capitol hill/eastlake, seattle]


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      damn you Q!  when i read this earlier today i thought your post was Evan's and that he had lost his mind down some Quondam rabbit hole!

      Oct 4, 14 8:52 pm  · 

      That OMA project shows how forward they were thinking back in the 90s too

      Oct 6, 14 9:08 pm  · 

      This one is another that always seems so contemporary:


      Oct 6, 14 9:51 pm  · 

      after (finally) reading 'Exodus' and studying the drawings in some detail, I'm convinced that Koolhaas will never do better than that thesis project.

      Oct 7, 14 1:41 am  · 

      @Q: Whoops!

      Oct 7, 14 11:40 am  · 

      a few years back Brett Milligan and Rob Holmes published a piece in La Tempestad, which drew from a visit to I-5 Colonnade Park, along with the ideas of “infrastructural vernacular”  and “leisure-work” landscapes.

      It can be found in English here

      Oct 8, 14 6:10 pm  · 

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