Liz Carter

Liz Carter

San Diego, CA, US


Envision - AS Therapy

Envision is an educational therapeutic center for children ages 4-18 with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) that focuses on the benefits of the digital era in social development therapy as well as how architecture and one’s environment can calm the mind and encourage socialization. Envision uses Virtual Environments as a therapeutic tool, which have been implemented into the field of psychotherapy in the past decades, to allow users to practice social skills and implement teachings into “real world” situations in a more protected and less stressful environment. Though Envision places emphasis on the digital therapies it also offers musical, artistic, and small group areas for more traditional forms. Therefore, Envision acts as a middle ground between a therapist’s office and the real world.

Though aimed towards individuals with AS, Envision is open to all children under 18 and does not discriminate against those without an official diagnosis Rather, it welcomes anyone who needs guidance in social situations. Envision provides both individualized and open programs and activites to aid users at all stages of social development, as Asperger’s Syndrome can be treated in a variety of ways.

Design Strategies:
cater to easily 'over-stimulated' users
create an environment of balance
calm yet energizing
subtle yet intriguing
maintain a sense of order and routine
provide comfortable areas for parent participation

divide independent and professionally assisted therapies
sense of progression
floors are themed by types of therapies (physical activity, creative outlets, and digital technologies) and  are called out as so in the central zone with informative pillar that stairs wrap around

rise in floor levels represents progressing through the steps of socialization (4th floor being the highest  level / most socialized)

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR, US
My Role: Architect - Designer
Additional Credits: University of Oregon B.IARC