Liz Carter

Liz Carter

San Diego, CA, US



The Bathhouse in Jacksonville, Oregon was designed to evoke the feeling of wandering through a forest with
weaving paths, high contrast and ‘branchy’ or ‘leafy' shadows cast through the glazed wall.

Jacksonville Oregon being a small historic mining town, this design was not meant to over state its presence while still making it known. The use of wood slatting on the facades served a double function. First being to provide a gradient of privacy or transparency. Second being to cast long shadows into the 25' wide building, cutting in opposing directions to create a network of 'branches' with varying density.

The layout of the 4-story bathhouse weaves the users back and forth through a maze of small structures nestled between circular wooden structural posts, meant to evoke tree trunks.

This design was featured in the University of Oregon's Interior Architecture Accreditation Review in 2010. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Jacksonville, OR, US
My Role: Architect - Designer
Additional Credits: University of Oregon B.IARC