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Leckie Studio Architecture + Design

Vancouver, BC, CA


Winnipeg Warming Huts

Location / Winnipeg, Canada
Project Type / Public Art

Vortex is a minimalist approach to the creation of warming huts that is inspired by the economy of materials and simplicity of form found in the traditional tipi structures of the nomadic plains aboriginal people. Five distinct hut forms are clustered together defining a unique configuration of spaces within and between them. Inside each hut is a secondary lining that helps to provide warmth while skaters experience the framed view of the sky above.

Each form is assembled from ubiquitous construction materials - easily transported, erected, and dismantled. The pole structures consist of standard twenty-foot lengths of aluminum construction scaffolding and connections. These skeletons are skinned with heat shrunk construction film, creating a highly durable, taut membrane that provides protection from the elements. The scaffolding and connections would be rented inexpensively for the duration of the installation, and the shrink wrap is 100% recyclable, resulting in a project that has virtually zero waste.

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Status: Unbuilt