Leckie Studio Architecture + Design

Leckie Studio Architecture + Design

Vancouver, BC, CA


Activated Veil

Re-Ball! Design Competition

Train platforms are the juxtaposition of two

extremes: stillness and movement. A constant
ebb and flow, the arrival of the train animates the
previously quiet, stagnant station. The Dupont
Underground, a former trolley station, currently
lies still, abandoned; Activated Veil engages the
public and re-animates the space.

Composed of 100,000 translucent spheres strung
together with elastic string, the massive veil
is suspended along the length of the old train
tracks. As viewers enter, the veil rests monolithic
and motionless. Mysteriously, the veil comes to
life, billowing and rippling as if by its own forces.
The low hum of rushing wind and a faint rustling
sound echoes throughout the raw concrete
space; visitors soon discover other patrons like
themselves are the source of the noise and the

Industrial drum fans sitting atop of
pseudo handcarts are pushed back and forth
by the public along the old train tracks. The
wind blowing from the fans, reminiscent of the
turbulence caused by the trolley rushing through
the station, energizes the installation. People are
encouraged to slide and re-direct the fans at will
to experiment with wave patterns and forms.
Just as the trolley once delivered the ephemeral
rush of activity to the otherwise austere volume,
people’s interaction with the project imbues the
space with newfound dynamism.

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / Public Art

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Status: Built