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Tongzhou Master Plan

Located on the south-eastern edge of Beijing, the Tongzhou Master Plan is the latest step in new city planning methods focused around creating environments that are sustainable yet provide a multi-functional new city complete with cultural facilities and a strong industrial base.

Key to the Tongzhou Master Plan is the extension of the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway boundary, forming a site area of 42 square kilometers with which to build upon. Centered around a historic mosque, the master plan utilized the existing Xiguan Street as the central axis through the site, maintaining its role as the major thoroughfare of commercial activity. Through means of bus and subway, the master plan also strives to take full advantage of public transportation as a means of feeding itself with further business from the center of Beijing.

There are three main conceptual ideas to the master plan. First will be the creation of a new transportation hub at the west side of the site. The second will be to locate a mixed-use development at the north side of the site over the three parcels which face the commercial axis. The third action will be to place residential development toward the center of the project, thus utilizing commercial and retail development as a buffer to the highway which makes for a residential zone that is highly intimate and protected. The architecture completes the development through an expression that set the development up as the gateway to the city.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tongzhou, China