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Thaihot Plaza

Located at a major intersection in the central city, the formal execution of the mixed-use master plan in central Fuzhou will provide a dynamic node that will be a new hub for public activity through a commercial program complemented by a series of residential, office, and hotel towers. 

In order to find a solution as evocative as the program and life of the space, the design aims to harness the kinetic energy of the surrounding urban context as a means of shaping and contorting the built form to give the mixed-use plan a strong presence. This becomes most evident in the fluid nature of the metal and glass
curtain that drapes the roof over the commercial center portion of the project. Through every form and crease manifested in the glass and metal skin, the execution of the architecture creates a strong symbiotic relationship between the swirling circulation paths of the public as they engage the space. As a means of demarcating key public elements within the commercial center, as well as storefronts and public plazas, the curtain responds through a series of controlled lifts of the brow to accept the public into these spaces. The residential and office towers complete the design, providing a punctuated end to the sweeping form of the commercial and retail base. As the towers rise from the base they further negotiate the scale between the development and the surrounding city, giving the development a rightful stance among the Fuzhou Skyline.

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Status: Built
Location: Fuzhou, CN