Kristi Bailey

Kristi Bailey

Los Angeles, CA, US


Expo Eruption

The Expo Light Rail project will provide relief for the tremendous
and growing congestion on the I-10/Santa Monica Freeway, one of
the busiest travel corridors in the country. The projected ridership of
62,000 boardings per day will only be realized when the line is
complete to Santa Monica. It promises to be one of the heaviest
utilized light rail lines nationwide.

The main premise of this design is movement. Inspired by
the movement and rhythm of the light rail trains the design
erupts out of the ground as a landscape project growing
toward the vertical walls.

These vertical walls function both structurally and practically
for the building in particular for the train doors. However,
these polycarbonate walls silhouette the trains as they
enter the building allowing for an exhibition of the trains
and their maintenance.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Project Designer