Kristi Bailey

Kristi Bailey

Los Angeles, CA, US


Aggregate Study

The primitive, an isosceles triangle, is arguably simple in its form. The beauty of this project lies in the articulation of negative space through the rhythm of the primitives. With the overall premise for this project concentrating more on space then form, the design uses dominate, solid pieces with blatant connections, laser-burned edges and friction for connecting.  The elegance and “lacy” aspect of this project is in the voids or the negative spaces created by the rhythm of the form and not necessarily in the primitives themselves.


The purposed folding and unfolding of primitives begins to create form in all directions and create negative spaces. By introducing 45 and 90 angles gradually in the x,y, and z direction the simple pattern begins to take shape and form to create organic movement and delicate but volumetric spaces. Like a musical progression, each primitive can be seen as a note and when that note is changed it creates a possibility for a new progression giving the piece of sense of rhythm.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Project Designer