Katherine Cerniglia

Katherine Cerniglia

Lindenhurst, NY, US


University Heights Revitalization

The remnants of urban renewal can be seen throughout Newark; disjointed neighborhoods, run down and abandoned housing developments, and empty commercial streets. This lack of street life has contributed to a decline in the residential population of Newark, specifically in the University Heights section.  Those that live here suffer from a lack of community and have few options for dining, shopping, and entertainment within their neighborhood.  Besides causing disconnect in the residential community, the university community also suffers. NJIT and the surrounding colleges are all commuter campuses- 9 to 5 communities that shutdown after dark.  As a whole Newark contains many universities, businesses, shopping areas, recreational facilities, and a mass housing market.  However, these components do not occur together in a successful neighborhood.The plan in this project brings all of these individual districts into one cohesive development, connected by a continuous “green belt”.  This allows residents of the area to experience a lively, urban, 24/7 neighborhood that benefits the whole city as well.  In the proposal, the site is broken down into 5 different districts: the NJIT campus, the commercial district, the mixed use district, the residential district, and the high rise district.  The green belt brings each individual community together to create one cohesive neighborhood.  The Green Belt houses amenities such as public parks, community gardens, urban plazas, and playground facilities.  These amenities help anchor the individual neighborhoods to the Green Belt and act as a means of exploration through the site.

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Status: School Project