Katherine Cerniglia

Katherine Cerniglia

Lindenhurst, NY, US


Intertwined Living

This project tries to blur the line between the two homes.  Various studies were done to see where and how shared living could occur.  There are multiple opportunities for interaction between the residences to heighten each unit’s awareness of each other.  This awareness is achieved through “hub” spaces for shared activities and programs, such as a connecting indoor bridge and outdoor patio.To achieve Passivhaus standards, insulated concrete forms were used for the foundation and first floor, and SIP panels were used everywhere else.  Wood trusses were used for economy and efficiency. A solar heating system was designed for the building.  Environmentally friendly cladding was also selected.  A mixture of wood composite cladding and zinc siding was used on all facades.

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Status: School Project
Location: Orange, NJ, US