Julio Arias

Julio Arias

San Francisco, CA, US


Shelter in the Desert

This is a proposal for a shelter located somewhere in the desert between the states of California and Nevada.

The shelter was the result of a master’s degree workshop with Valencian architect Fran Silvestre, which introduced us to a new way to approach the conception of a project.

The initial phase of the architectural project is one of the most complex parts of the design process, by its level of abstraction and is one of the most important at the time of its development.

The goal was to work with different forms, textures, and techniques to get the project focused on an initial idea.

In this case, we worked with a folding technique, creating an architectural model on a scale of 1:100.

After the form experimentation process, a draft project was created, including the spatial organization of the interior and exterior, selection of possible materials, and construction details.

The shelter includes a living space, kitchen, bed area, bathroom, and terrace.

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Status: School Project
Location: Death Valley Junction, CA, US
My Role: Architectural designer