Joseph Hines

Joseph Hines

New York, NY, US


[RE]Imagining the Grid

Over the last 150 years, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have risen 35% from 280 to nearly 380 parts per million. Global warming and its attendant effects have been directly linked to this increase in carbon emissions, primarily from burning fossil fuels. The United Kingdom’s goal of reducing emissions by 80% by 2050 will require a heavier reliance on alternate sources of electricity generation, thereby requiring more infrastructure to carry that electricity. Traditional pylons are composed of steel, and sit on the landscape as utilitarian objects. This project proposes  to evolve that typology by creating a structure that dynamically engages with the surrounding environment. The proposal for a new National Grid pylon aims to serve as both an iconic expression of robust material as well as a method to reverse the last 150 years of British carbon emission.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London, GB
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: ORE Design + Technology