Joseph Hines

Joseph Hines

New York, NY, US


Explorations of Craft

Using the processes of slip casting as a design catalyst this installation aims to express a control over the interior spaces of a simple ceramic piece. Through the use of  a single mold manipulated to be capable of generating 3 different component variations, a multitude of pieces of varying depths were created. By deforming the pieces when wet additional opportunities arose  to create a wall capable of acting spatially rather then the previous iterations of planer aggregations . The combination of the inherent void, varying depths and ability to precisely deform a component all while using a single mold allowed for a great deal of control over the void. The void in this installation is of tremendous importance in that it entices the viewer to look beyond any imperfections and look deeper into the interior spaces of each component.

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Status: School Project
Location: Troy, NY, US