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Section and Floor Plan - Schematic Design
Section and Floor Plan - Schematic Design


Few projects in mid XX century brought interest on moving structures in a simple way, then in 1989 when I recently became a licensed architect, had the idea to consolidate a design concept that I denominated " Kinetic Architecture" that originally I called in Spanish language as "Arquitectura Kinética"( 1989 ), with the purpose to unify criteria as a new trend into Modern Architecture of the XX Century. There was no internet in 1989, so the term "Kinetic Architecture" was unknown in most part of the world. In my former region, Colombia, South America, there was no such studies on the theme nor even mentioned among my friends or colleagues, in fact, the first time I mentioned the concept sound intriguing, but I kept exploring Kinetic Architecture in depth, so I decided to design a project that I called: The Arkinetic House,which along the years,I improved in great extent. New features I added way back 2008 when studying Environmental Systems in College and implemented renewable energy, gray and storage rain water systems into my project. (see plan 1).
Now,in my conversation with Prof. Zuk from the USA mentioned that he and Prof. Roger Clark wrote a book in 1970 entitled "Kinetic Architecture". That book was unknown in the world and just few weeks ago I heard about it. Then in 2010 I talked with Prof. Gerald Udell, he is the Director of the Innovation Institute in Missuri, USA and agreed with me on the fact that parallel inventions occur even in different times and he said that in my case is a true fact that I did created the concept "Arquitectura Kinetica"( Kinetic Architecture )since 1989 because technology and global information was limited, Internet was not even invented in that time, plus the fact that I created the term in Spanish language "Arquitectura Kinetica" and for being in a far away country made solid my reasons to keep pride on the uniqueness of my term invention, especially because of the experimental project I am working right now: "The Arkinetic House".

Now, my definition of the concept is as follows: " Arquitectura Kinetica" , " Kinetic Architecture" is the property of a building to respond to changing conditions such as use, aesthetic or environmental factors that would alter architectural form. The use of robotics, mechanics and electronics fed by renewable energy are being better known as new approaches into its architectural possibilities. As I said above, I am working on the design of a experimental project that I denominated "The Arkinetic House", exploring new features to move its structural elements in all directions using my invention of MDS Multiple Displacement of Structure, which is a real transformation of the building each day.
Renewable energy sources will feed the project in different ways, especially by enduring the environment.
This project will be built in mid future and its patent will be release once all processes get done. I am doing an invitation to all students at the school of architecture around the globe to improve new ideas on kinetic architecture and o feel free o contact me at any time.
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Status: Unbuilt