Stamford, CT, US



I am the creator of the concept "Kinetic Architecture" ( Arquitectura Kinetica ) in the world since 1989

Passionate with Urban Design, Planning, Sustainable Design and Development, Interior Architecture of New England Style, Modern Architecture, Preservation of Modernism of the XX Century, Currently Volunteer Ambassador for The International Living Future Institute - Portland-Oregon, Landscaping, Freehand Sketches,Writer on different Architecture topics, Researcher, used to be instructor of Basic Design at the Faculty of Architecture USB.

Being an advocator for our current environmental status represents a plus on my practice but also a way to enhance Architecture Communities worldwide  on this matter.

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Actually, I have created an International Multidisciplinary Group of Consultants to propose and develop Sustainable Design Projects in different parts of the World, so we can achieve Net Zero Energy in great extent. Architects and Engineers from different countries and backgrounds are a plus in our journey. Those Firms are as follows:










Enrique Pinzon Abadia, Arquitecto, Plantotal.

Jhon Alexander Posso,

Andres Blanco,

Carlos Ramirez,

Carlos Alberto Rizo,

Rafael Alberto Suarez, electrical engineer

Miguel Enrique Rosillo,

Carlos Herrera Caceres,



Freelance Architect/Designer, Designer Architect

Sustainable Design, Urban Development, Interior Design.

Oct 2008 - current

AKNDC, New Canaan, CT, US, Architect Intern

High Residential Design and preparation of all set of drawings for building permit, follow up at the site, Interior Architecture based on New England Architecture, including bidding process, contract documents.
Under the supervision of a Licensed Architect.

Aug 2003 - Oct 2008

Sapienza and Lessig Architects and Planners, West Haven, CT, US, Project Associate

School Design and preparation of all set of drawings for building permit, follow up at the site, Interior Architecture, including bidding process, under the supervision of a Licensed Architect.

May 2002 - Jul 2003

Grew Design International, Woodbury, CT, US, Junior Architect

Residential and commercial Design, preparing all set of drawings for building permit under the supervision of a Licensed Architect.

Apr 2001 - May 2002


Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT, US, Environmental Systems

Course was focused on calculation of U and R Values for different building envelop systems, and an emphasis on sustainable design.

Aug 2007 - Jan 2008

Yale University, New Haven, CT, US, Independent Research

Independent research on New England Architecture. Permanent visits to Stirling Memorial Library, Yale School Of Architecture Library, with the support of Mr. Stern, Leon Krier, Cesar Pelli, Herbert Newman.

Sep 2000 - May 2001

San Buenaventura University, Cali,CO, BArch, Architecture

A Five Year Program with Emphasis on Modern Architecture Design, structures, History, Theory, Management, Planning, freehand sketches. Our instructors were: Mr. Jaime Cardenas, Mr. Jaime Tejada Cordoba ( German Education ), Juan Marchant Triana ( Harvard Education ), Carlos Silva Scarpetta ( Brazilian Education), between other Famous Architects in Colombia.
My thesis was focused on a Block located at Down Town Center of Cali, Colombia, and proposed an Institute for The Arts with a center plaza opened to public, incorporating elements of the urban historical urban context to achieve a post modern design, a 28,000 SF. different levels, amphitheater, Classrooms, Administrative Area, Auditorium, Parking at Two level basement, corridors faced to center plaza, landscaping, labs, service area, sculpture pathway, between others. It was one the best thesis in my faculty that year.

Aug 1982 - Nov 1987


Dean's List at Norwalk College 2008, Nomination

Nominated as one of the best students at Norwalk College, CT US in 2008 for my excellent performance at the Environmental System course I went to.
A Certificate signed for the College was sent to me on Early 2008.


Philip Johnson Glass House First Opening Event, Other

This Letter of Recognition was given to me by the AIACT, signed by Mrs. Joanne Rees, Program Director few days after the Glass House First Opening was developed. AIACT recognized my innitiative to make possible the opening of the Philip Johnson's site, a 40 acres property with different structures designed by Johnson along the decades and with my efforts, the National Trust, AIA and The Historical Society of New Canaan, joined a mutual escenario to work together on my innitiative. One year after the Philip Johnson site was open formally to the Public. A magnific moment that I will never forget. Mr,. Stern was at the event.


Corona Award - Chapter Professional, 3rd Place

This National Award was host by The Corona Foundation in Bogota to promote Urban Design Proposals. I lead my team to propose all huge interior patios on houses to be open for public use as the little town of Candelaria, Valle has no trees on sidewalks which makes climate to be so hot. The town has a Green, the only public space with trees. The proposal was very well received and applaud by important juror who said the proposal could be a great model for all other towns. The transition to make a private patio to turn into public space was an interesting concept.


Corona Ward - Chapter Student, Nomination

The Corona Foundation in Bogota, created a National Award for Architecture Students who had excellent performances along the five year program in architecture faculties nationwide. I was nominated as one of the best students nationwide,


Areas of Specialization