Jorge Escamilla

Jorge Escamilla

Ventura, CA, US


City of Stockton, CA., Dispatch Center & Fusion Centers

Project Description
The City of Stockton Fusion Center is a 25,000 square foot multi-function facility constructed on the 4th floor of the City’s Public Works building. The Project consisted of 24 dispatched station, supportive spaces and four training pods that can be switched live to the main operations floor. The system also includes a real-time crime center with video walls, department operations center, crime information center and IT department storage. Storage is provided for 72 hours of independent operations.
The design is developed to be constructed in phases with additive bid alternates. Mitigation of threats and corrections of existing deficiencies that would effect the fourth floor are also incorporated into the contract documents. The emergency generator mounted on the roof, is design for 72 hours of operations for the communication center and the future third floor EOC. The cost of construction and equipment is estimated at $7,710,500.

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Status: Built
Location: Stockton, CA, US
My Role: Senior Designer, QA/QC & Production assistance