Jorge Escamilla

Jorge Escamilla

Ventura, CA, US


Beverly Hills Police Department - EOC & Expansion Project

Project Description
The Beverly Hills project consisted of renovating, reconfiguring and converting approximately 32,500 square feet of existing second floor Police Head Quarters Facility in three construction phases. LMA Completed the final phase in the spring of 2010.
The existing irregular shape floor plan, (Charles Moore & AC Martin), was a design challenge to the new Emergency Operation Center and the supporting interior spaces. The Historic Art Deco language of the existing building was translated & integrated through-out the newly renovated spaces. Through the use of complementary colors, finishes & existing structural elements LMA created a timeless adaptation to the renovated spaces. The existing ceiling was raise at designated areas to accommodate EOC equipment and to add architectural richness to assembly areas. Windows are introduced to the project as connecting gateways, that connect supporting spaces to main operations spaces (this is critical in a time of operations). Using minimal disturbance to the existing exterior building facades and fenestration's, LMA conducted new places where natural light could be showcased without disturbing the interior habitants. The a selection of building materials not only brought new life to the space, but perform in functional aspects.
LMA has been involve with the City’s Police department and City’s Civic functions for a number of years. The Relationship started with a Dispatch Center, leading to a needs assessment and analysis of the entire Police building enhancements. The Projects also included a Forensic a conversion, a reconfiguring evidence storage space and a Computer Disassembly Laboratory. LMA was responsible for programing, planning, designing, generating construction documents, cost estimating, scheduling and construction administrating the entire project. The Construction cost was estimated at $1,800,000. The Future phases will include reducing size of the jail to construct more urgently needed roll call, watch commander and emergency services spaces. The completion cost for all phases is estimated at $13,000,000.

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Status: Built
Location: Beverly Hills, CA, US
My Role: Senior Designer & Project Manager