Jennifer Marckx

Jennifer Marckx

Seattle, WA, US


Thesis Project: Prosthetic Research and Fabrication Laboratory

Already in the master plan for the college of engineering,
the prosthetic research facility for the development
of advanced prosthetics will rely heavily on the
communication among medical and non-medical related
fields. Partnerships exist among most engineering
and medical fields but other crucial communication
lines must be formed with fields in the colleges of
Arts & Sciences. The planning phase considered a
direct connection between the medical center with
the main campus by utilizing both the campus waterfront
and an existing raised pathway. The intention is
to create a direct line of communication while forming
a nonlinear path to the waterfront destination.
The result of this would be the created opportunity to
showcase research that occurs in the facility to the
public, i.e. the general student population, in order to
both strengthen existing departmental relationships
while also increasing exposure of the facility to students
in fields that pose a potentially beneficial relationship
to the new field of prosthetic research.

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Status: School Project
Location: Seattle, WA, US