Jennifer Marckx

Jennifer Marckx

Seattle, WA, US


Live/Make Industrual Arts Center

The need for open collaboration and social interaction
dictated the building’s interior form. A stretched void
located in the center of the building will house the
fabrication program. that snakes from the ground level
to the top level of the building. This ramp creates a
physical connection among all of the spaces in the
building and also offers viewing points from above and
below to allow observation of the artists and fabricators.
The ramp also encourages "makers" to observe and
interact with one another as they walk up and down the
shop floors. The result is a ramp that scissors upward to
allow for each fabrication studio’s spatial requirements
and also allows for maximum artist-fabrication
interaction. This void becomes visible on the exterior in
the form of large depressions in the roof plane. A large
atrium space serves as a physical cue and main entry for
the public and is visible from the busy avenue to which it
is adjacent. Two other depressions mark connections to
interior and exterior program while indicating an
additional public entry and exit that connects to retail
space, light industrial studios and open outdoor
fabrication space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US
My Role: Design, 3d modeling, diagrams, sections, perspective views, 3d print model in a team of 2
Additional Credits: Juan Salazar