Jennifer Marckx

Jennifer Marckx

Seattle, WA, US


Hollywood Courthouse

Transparency, procession and day lighting
are the foci of the Hollywood courthouse. A ground
level of offices provides a plinth above which the
courtsets hover. As a result, the vertical circulation is
stretched between the two and exposes the
organization and separation of three very distinct user
groups: the public, the judge, and those that are
approaching the courthouse in custody. Although the
paths of these user groups never cross and are
securely separated, a stretch of vertical circulation
allows all three to witness each other climb to the
More significantly, the elevator shafts for the in
custody has been both camouflaged and differentiated
from the others with a steel web that is visible from
the street, allowing a distinction between itself and its
paralleled public shaft. Typically placed underground in
the courthouse blocked off from light, the in custody
holding cells in this project are placed at the top. This
allows those on trial to receive light and to orient
themselves according to the Hollywood sign, visible
from the lifted location, and allows basic human rights
to those that have not yet been convicted guilty of
their accused crimes.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hollywood, CA, US