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in_design architektur

Frankfurt am Main, DE


The Garden House

A family of three - an HR expert, a novelist and their son - purchased a piece of land, after finding the atmosphere there inspiring. This land was a former garden - or rather: park - of a 19th century residential building, still standing nearby today. It was enclosed by an old garden wall, which is under preservation. 

The concept chosen for this situation was to combine the geometries of the garden wall with those implied by the building code. In result there is a seemingly levitating 'small house' with wooden shingles, that  opens a dialogue to the surrounding trees - and a plaster covered 'big house'. Between these two (conceptual) houses there is a glass gap that incorporates not only the stairs but also the owner's library and art collection. 

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Status: Built
Location: Seeheim-Jugenheim, DE
Firm Role: Architect