in_design architektur

in_design architektur

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Anenx to a union's educational facility

An educational centre owned by a german union, that is surrounded by Nature, needed a new plenary hall and dining area as well as an extensive reconstruction of its accommodation and recreational facilities. 

Building usage started again after only a few weeks of construction, so prefabrication played a vital role in the design. The added rooms were prefabricated in timber construction and erected on site within days.

A subtle design approach was found -and the materials- that make 'the whole' correlate to the users philosophy, inside and outside. The 'diversity' that the union sees in its member's structure - all individuals that shape one entity - was transferred to a pattern of differently sized rectangular shapes, that covers the facade as a wooden cladding. This pattern and cladding is taken inside, where it contrasts to concrete surfaces on floor and wall.

The new plenary rooms form a quotation of the facade by showing a landscape of sound baffles and lamps arranged in similar shape.  

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Status: Built
Location: Mosbach in Baden, DE
Firm Role: Architect