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Lexington Armory, New York City (1906) - Facade Rehabilitation and Window Replacement

New York City Landmark – National Historic Landmark – National Register of Historic Places

Since the Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue serves as an active military facility in a large metropolitan area, replacement windows must meet contemporary performance standards, including energy code and anti-terrorism blast resistance, as well as best practices for the treatment of historic properties.

At the steep barrel-vaulted roof, which hovers directly over busy traffic, the existing snow protection system struggled under dense snow and ice. Roof rehabilitation includes redesign and supplementation of the snow guard system, as well as restoration of existing historic roof assemblies. Masonry rehabilitation, limestone and granite repair, historic metalwork restoration, and facade cleaning are included in the ambitious scope of work.

Balancing sensitivity to historic character with the practical considerations of an urban military facility is the challenge for this multi-faceted exterior envelope project.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect