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Lehigh University, Packer Memorial Church - Exterior Rehabilitation Master Plan

Packer Memorial Church is a Gothic Revival style structure constructed of quarried gray quartzite stone with sandstone accents.  Designed by Addison Hutton of Philadelphia, PA and built between 1883 and 1885, the building is capped with a red slate roof and punctuated with a striking 185-foot bell tower.  Filtered daylight is admitted into the church through Tiffany leaded stained glass windows.  In 1979, the church was listed on the Pennsylvania Register of Historic Places.

Although ongoing repairs aimed to address water infiltration problems as they developed, Lehigh University wished to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.  Hoffmann Architects was retained to conduct a building envelope investigation and to provide a prioritized exterior restoration master plan.

Hoffmann Architects began with a review of previous reports and original 1885 construction drawings.  Our project architects conducted a full visual inspection of the structure, including exploratory openings to observe concealed conditions.  In an illustrated report, we discussed our observations and their implications for the continued integrity of the structure.

Evaluations of facade; window; exterior stair; and slate, copper, and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofs were provided, including a summary of existing conditions and discussion of any deficiencies.  Recommendations for a multi-year rehabilitation program were then outlined, along with opinions of probable construction costs.

Lehigh further retained Hoffmann Architects to provide construction documents and construction administration services for the first phase of repairs, completed this year.  Work included a mockup of recommended repairs to test for the installation and approval of materials, design profiles, application techniques, and workmanship.  Upon approval of the mockup design, copings were removed and new through-wall flashing installed, and slate, masonry, and window repairs were made at the entry vestibule.

Future phases are scheduled over the next ten years, with each facade to be rehabilitated in turn, followed by the bell tower.  Through the multi-year program, Lehigh can restore the historic structure while allocating necessary funding and minimizing usage disruption.

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Status: Built
Location: Bethlehem, PA, US