Hector Guevara

Hector Guevara

Irving, TX, US


Au/BDG Studio

Commissioned by Au/BDG development, this refurbishment and extension of an old 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse, was meant to be an office building and a studio for manufacturing of custom architectural elements using digital fabrication tools. This building is on a non - traditional residential/commercial block  in Hillsboro, TX. The original architecture was a small rundown warehouse. The renovation, retained the existing form, with the flooring, lighting, and wall finishes upgraded. The extension,an addition of an elevated working space, rests parallel to the warehouse where the cnc mills, laser cutter and wood working equipment are to be housed. The walls to the elevated space are acoustically insulated. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hillsboro, TX, US
My Role: Project manager and Designer
Additional Credits: Worked with general contractor partner of Rapid Concrete Solutions