Guillaume Macé

Guillaume Macé

Vienna, AT


Taipei Pop Music Center_II

Taipei Pop Music Center_II
Summer semester 2010
Prix Studio / Die Angewandte.
In collaboration with Marte Ringseth & Daniel Rhomberg.

The starting point of this project was a position on pop music as one which is made for the mass, therefore depends on the mass to exist as it orientates, influences and defines its tastes.

Our interest was therefore to manifest the dependency between the building and its users.
The former drags visitors in a sequence of spaces which establish a correlation between visual and sound programs.
   Following our initial conceptual grasp of pop orchestrating mass directions, swarm behavior was explored within the project as form finding process.
   The different flocking conditions operate  torsions on the structure, define space typologies and differenciation (movement vs moment); as well as envelope treatment, whose thickness modulation ranges from mass to fragmented panelization.

   The cinema proposal developed in the warm up project Cinemedia Park was here reintroduced and coupled with music venue spaces: live houses.
The moments of fragmentation of the mass correspond to screening areas, where the image has been tessellated and distributed on each of the screen fragments. One can therefore watch video data on the building’s external skin.
  The massing of the project was accordingly studied to offer various situations of vis-à-vis where building parts look onto another, as well as allowing views from beneath/outside to pierce through it.

   The main indoor theatre is elevated, and it can be accessed directly from below, or by passing through sequences of live houses and cinema.
With a desire to give back pop music to the people and public space, the concerts performed in the main auditorium stage permeate to the outside and can be indirectly perceived by a versatile audience.
Thus, visual connection to the stage is possible from the elevated park on the theatre rooftop.
On an other hand, when passing below the theatre through the main lobby, one perceives sounds and lightings from the concert played above.

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Status: School Project