Guillaume Macé

Guillaume Macé

Vienna, AT


Cultural Campus Egypt I

Cultural Campus Egypt I
Winter semester 2010
Prix Studio / Die Angewandte.
In collaboration with Jan Gronkiewicz.

   This project is a campus for students in performing arts and visual arts located in the desert of Egypt.
It is composed of a theatre, a museum, school facilities, library, student housing, workshops.

   The idea of campus is here seen as a dynamic setup, capable to adapt to the use students make of it.
Flexible spaces follow the logic of a learning curve, they work in cycles on levels of intimacy vs exposure, permanent vs ephemeral.
The building manifests and traces its use on different time spans:
The ground conditions gradually evolves, reconfigurating circulations and spatiality.
The envelope conditions respond instantly to the amount of visitors present within a space.

   Suggestive architecture_ The treatment and system behind of all the spaces is the same, only the typology and configuration of these spaces suggest different uses.
   The building becomes a field of possible scenarios which awaits to be invested, experienced, played with and lived within in order to become specific.

   Also, with the desire to tightly interlace learning and professional experience, the museum and theatre are strongly articulated with their respective schools facilities.
One has to go through the visual art school spaces in order to reach the museum, thus exposing student works and making of it the first part of the exhibition.
The theatre backstage communicates directly with the performing art school studios, and is also used for their representations.
   Around it spreads a three dimentional matrix of living unit typologies. They are generated according to specific conditions of lighting, speed of acces to school facilities, streets width according to height, etc. Their tissue could potentially extend and grow further according to the same rules.

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Status: School Project