Guillaume Macé

Guillaume Macé

Vienna, AT


Cultural Campus Egypt II

Cultural Campus Egypt II
Summer semester 2011
Prix Studio / Die Angewandte.
In collaboration with Lewis Scott & Stefanie Theuretzbacher.

   For this campus proposal, the idea of correlation vs autonomy of its components was explored on different scales – Or how a campus could work as a cohesive whole composed of differenciated, yet articulated entities.
   A formal agenda was thus developed playing with the idea of dissolving masses, and exploring the several types of interstitial qualities that such negative spaces would offer.
Elements transition therefore through different states, and perform different roles at different moments as they evolve through the building.

   The Tafoni erosion phenomenon was adopted, and its characteristics interpretated, as it seemed to embody the best our vision of a campus.
The following specificities were articulated and translated into architecture:
layering (generations of erosion), direction (erosion direction in 2,5 dimension), types (homogeneity through heterogeneity).

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Status: School Project