Grace Elizabeth Arezio

Grace Elizabeth Arezio

Brisbane, AU


The New Democracy - Design

The New Hall of Democracy was a 4-part design process that looked to reimagine democracy in Queensland while designing to the clients brief. The project was taken from schematic design to construction documentation, adhering to local, state and national codes. 

The client was the grandson of a prominent german glazing manufacturer (most notable invention was the luxfer prisims) from the 20th century who believed that Brisbane lacks powerful symbol of democracy, A space in which the people of Queensland could engage and formulate a new vision for democracy was needed with the ability to portray equity, inclusion, diversity and transparency. 

The design and documentation of 'reinvented luxfer prisims' was also a large part of the assessment, we were required to design wall, floor and facade prisims and document each panel and its support system. These can be seen demonstrated in my technical documentation and design presentation.

The above is a selection of the final design presentation. 

This work was completed by hand, in Adobe Photoshop, Revit, Sketchup and in AutoCAD. Model was made with by hand with the aid of laser cutter.

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Status: School Project
Location: George St, Brisbane
My Role: Student Architect / Designer