Grace Elizabeth Arezio

Grace Elizabeth Arezio

Brisbane, AU


Landscape Architecture - River Path

'WIthin the pivotal and publicly sensitive location, you as the designer are to resolve and detail a stair and a shared path (with the latter being bicycle and pedestrian) connecting Makerson Street and North Quay, and provide access to the entry of the heritage brick storm water drain. You are then to continue the path to celebrate the waterfall and connection to the Bicentennial Bikeway. Your submission will be assessed on technical and design outcomes in: the quality of movement enabled throughout the site; and the role that stormwater plays in the design outcome."

The shared path and stairs had to adhere to all equal access and Australian safety standards, heritage fabric was also to be retained.

This work was completed using AutoCAD. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Brisbane, AU
My Role: Student Landscape Architect / Designer