Fielding Featherston

Fielding Featherston

Los Angeles, CA, US


728 Adaptive Reuse

Located at the far corner of the parking lot for the Cameo Theater, this 800-sf structure was in a state of severe neglect and under consideration for demolition. The previous use as a 2-tenant studio apartment was no longer relevant given its location within a very busy parking lot. Despite its location a new use as a retail/art studio space was created to reinforce the connection to the street and capitalize on the increased crowds headed to art events at the Cameo Theater. By simply enlarging the existing openings to the ground the retail presence of the building increases dramatically. A new standing seam roof and cleaning-up of the exterior details produce a striking appearance creating a new identity for the building. Although small, this project was meaningful for its practicality and simplicity. 

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Status: Built
Location: Orlando, FL, US
My Role: Designer, Architect, Principal In Charge