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I have been looking for information about Yale's MED program; however, contrary to those about MArch programs, discussion threads about history/theory programs do not seem to be popular.

I hold an architecture degree but I am more interested in architectural criticism rather than practice. Indeed, I have been looking into a couple of programs that might be good preparation for a career in writing/curating. The MED seems to have a solid curriculum so any insight pertaining to course load, approachability of faculty, teaching assistantships and financial aid or any other academic insight from graduates would be appreciated.

Also, I am aware that GSAPP has recently started a relevant program but since it's only in its second year and no graduates have come out of it yet I was wondering whether it would a wise choice to consider that as an option (though NYC is certainly a somewhat more desirable destination than New Haven, CT).

Looking forward to any responses and thanks in advance.

Jul 7, 10 2:37 pm

Would you be able to share a little more on your future aspirations for this MED degree (i.e., editor, author, curator, etc...).

You may be interested to know--assuming that you do not--that many penetrating architectural criticism has been performed from outside the discipline. Hence, you are likely to find also useful insights from programs in fields like geography, anthropology, urban economics and studies, planning etc., that in any case, are also likely to offer you some relief from Deleuze and Derrida rampant and fashionable in architectural criticism for a long while.

All said, being in the discipline offers you something extra that these outside disciplines do not: a solid networking experience and foot through the door if you want to work within architecture. On the other hand, to enter from the outside would require a measure of brilliance and lots of good luck.

Jul 8, 10 4:25 am  · 
ija meinzer

Stationery Mad, thanks for your response.

I am interested in a degree from a solid program and school within the discipline, hence I am asking for information of past alumni of Yale's MED. The reason is that I am not really looking to extend to other fields but rather explore the additional options that a history/theory of architecture program offers ie networking with field scholars, teaching, perhaps good references for a PhD in a school of equal standing etc

So again, if anyone reading has any specific academic insight I would be more than glad to hear (read).


Jul 9, 10 10:27 am  · 

Very often this sort of theoretical Masters program is bootstrapped and considered as the starting point of a PhD program within the same department (i.e., 6 years for M + PhD). For this reason, GSAPP may be more suitable for you than Yale.

Jul 9, 10 10:54 am  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

ija ....

I graduated from Yale's MED program in 2007, and am currently between my 3rd and 4th years of Princeton's PhD program. Be awarer that the MED is not strictly PhD feeder (although plenty of graduates have gone on to get their doctoral degrees). There have been many notable examples in the past 10 years of MED graduates who go on to have brilliant careers as practitioners and critics.

Also, note that the MED was in existence for decades before Yale instituted its own PhD program. The MED is a terminal history/theory masters', first and foremost and was never bootstrapped to a doctoral program. And this is still the case.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about the MED program.

Jul 9, 10 12:57 pm  · 

Hi! I’m thinking of applying to Yale’s MED program and wanted to know what kind of job prospects one can hope for. I want to do a pHD but want to work between the masters and phd

Sep 1, 22 7:40 am  · 
ija meinzer

Stationery Mad -- Those masters programs do indeed act as preparatory/introductory to PhD but I believe it mainly has to do with the students and not the scholars who teach.

Besides, as Smokety mentioned Yale's MED is one of the oldest such programs, from my preliminary research it seemed almost as demanding as the first two years of any other PhD program.

I have also been looking into a number of PhD programs in the same schools. But having earned my architecture masters (that would be a design studio based degree) from GSAPP, I think I may actually know the school a little too well. By this I mean that I will basically be having seminars with the same professors.

Smokety -- Thanks for offering to provide insight, I have been looking at your blog actually as I am very interested in Princeton's PhD as well. I shall send you an e-mail shortly.

Jul 9, 10 4:14 pm  · 

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