First internship


Hello all, 

I just interviewed today for a summer internship in NYC and they hired me on the spot. During the interview, they asked how much I wanted and I somewhat arbitrarily said $15/hr. I'm concerned whether or not I undervalued myself, and, if so, what I should do about it? 

May 9, 14 12:17 am

Is it a well known firm? $15/hr for your first internship is not bad... 

May 9, 14 8:13 am

That is exactly what I made at my first gig... but it was in Mississippi and not NYC.  I hear the cost of living is far higher up there.

May 9, 14 9:23 am


You got your foot in the door. That's all that matters. Capitalize on it. Fulfill your IDP, save for the ARE. Congrats!

May 9, 14 9:51 pm

It's a small boutique firm. Thanks for your insight, everyone!

May 12, 14 7:23 pm

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