Dalhousie BEDS 2014


Anyone received an answer for fall yet?

May 7, 14 1:25 pm

From the previous years BEDS threads it looks like people got word on the 9th to 15th.  I guess we need to hold our breaths just a little longer.   But I know right.....

Good Luck!

May 7, 14 6:48 pm

nice song ;)

May 8, 14 11:42 am

I am also waiting for an answer from them. Did anyone get any news so far? 

May 14, 14 11:26 pm

I got an email this morning and I'm on the high waiting list.

May 16, 14 9:15 am

I didn't anything so far... If you are on the high waiting list, you will most probably get in. Good luck to us all!

May 16, 14 9:52 am

one of my friends got accepted friday and told me that everyone who didn't get in was already notified???? is that true?? I havent heard anything, but i know people on the waitlist. anyone know how many spaces are on the waitlist?

May 21, 14 9:31 pm

I got in last Friday as well. Susanna told me that everyone who got in was informed last friday. You should call her or email to make sure. 

May 22, 14 5:35 pm

Has anyone on either waitlist heard anything yet? according to the email received in May there's only one week left until the list is retired.

Jul 21, 14 4:07 pm

I was on the "high waitlist" and I received the email last Thursday saying I was admitted. And I declinded right away since I decided to go to UdeM.

Jul 28, 14 7:31 pm

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