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I have been asked to evaluate several project management softwares and have been looking at "Open-Air" and "Tenrox". Does anyone have experience with either of these products? Pro's and cons? Other suggestions?

We want to be about to track schedules, resources, budgets and have them automatically work with timesheet and billing data and hopefully be easy to use and have graphic output cabilities.

What software do you use?


Jun 17, 10 7:52 pm

I fill out my timesheets on Tenrox...that's it.

Other options:
Meridian Prolog
Buzzsaw (for file management)

Jun 18, 10 12:37 am

A great PIM software our firm is using is Newforma. It is great for actual tracking of incoming and outgoing files (emails included) that goes on during a project.

Our office used Deltek Vision separately for the financials. There is a module that can be added that will combine the two, which we've yet to explore.

I recommend this as something to explore, even just for the frontend actual project management side (vs. the financial/scheduling backend).

Jul 22, 10 12:05 pm

wouldn't archioffice be another option? the two you're looking at are office management type solutions, no?



Apr 24, 11 2:53 pm
Token AE

To throw onto the file management side-


if you are big on Revit and BIM-based coordination, ProjectWise (by Bentley) has some serious Revit tweaks that make everything else look like child's play. Conversely, this may also be overkill depending on what your typical projects are.



Apr 24, 11 9:55 pm

like Gregory I was going to suggest archioffice or make your own with MS access

Apr 25, 11 1:22 am

Dear architects,

For those of you interested in architectural management take a look at this web site.

Jul 20, 13 8:55 am
Non Sequitur

Is it Easter already? If not, why are old things being resurrected?

Jun 16, 14 9:29 am

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Jun 16, 14 12:49 pm

I'll add one that we use in our office - . It has all the feature you need plus advanced project management. I think you can try it for free for a limited time.

Sep 10, 14 8:39 am

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