Double major as an arch student?



I am new to this forum and to arch school (just finishing up my 1st year in arch school). I was thinking about picking up math as a 2nd major-- does math have any direct relationship to architecture?  

I enjoy math and if I could get a reset on college I would have perhaps chosen to pursue a B.A math + M.Arch I.

The reason I am considering double majoring is because I'm a bit ahead as I already fulfilled many of the general ed requirements and am a 2nd year by number of credits.  However, our studios are only offered during the fall and spring semester, and are sequential and thus would be impossible for me to graduate early.  

What are your opinions about picking up a double major?  Would the workload be manageable? Or maybe it'll be better to use the extra time that would otherwise be used studying to work in a firm?

My career goal is to be an architect.

Apr 30, 14 11:21 pm

Depends on your interest within architecture. Math seems like an odd choice with somewhat limited application within the profession.

I think this really comes down to exactly how far ahead you are. If you can spread things out to 12 credits a semester you could just use the extra time to be a better arch student.

If you're only doing 9 credits maybe try to find a job that will pay you money (Probably not a part time architecture job) unless you don't need money, then try to get a part time internship.

If you really want to double major make sure it will be beneficial to what you want to do, or something that you just plain enjoy! However, odds are  that if you double major you'll still have to add at least one extra year, as most double majors add two years total.


May 1, 14 12:09 am

im just kinda confused what youll get if there is a relationship between architecture and math.

like, what are you interested between these two and how would that excel you as an architect (since that is your end result)? 


of course math is inherently in architecture and is used profusely in form making (from early periods stuff to grasshopper (parametric))


I dont know, your reason to take a double major, especially math, is unreasonably sound  since at the end you just want to be an architect.

May 1, 14 7:23 pm

Zaha has a BS in math haha... anyway it seems like a good idea with a BS in Math you will always be able to find work or perhaps continue into graduate studies in a more scientific program such as engineering or computer science type stuff so it seems like a good idea.

May 1, 14 7:36 pm

^ in that case it is good reason to do it.


but OP made no comments about that. at the end, he/he still wants to be an architect.

unless he/she has doubts?

May 3, 14 4:58 pm

thanks.  haha, yes, Hadid did come to mind when I was thinking about it but I think it might be a little bit too unnecessary since I do want to become an architect... and don't want to prolong schooling by too much :-)    

May 5, 14 5:12 am
C. Watts

You can always have a minor in Math if it is offered.  At my school almost all arch students had a minor.

May 5, 14 8:27 am

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