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I'm considering a drastic change in my career.  I've always been more of a liberal arts kind of guy, but I've lately become very interested in architecture.  I'm considering going back to college after my previous degrees to get an associates in Architectural Technology.  Looking through their coursework, it seems that there's a lot of electrical math, tensile strength, load bearing, etc.  and this got me thinking. I've never been particularly good in math. I'm up for a challenge and think I can learn it, but can someone tell me exactly what kind of math I should be strong in to succeed as an architectural tech?  I think I can fairly assume geometry is pretty big, but do I need to be really good with math without a calculator or a handy little book of formulas to keep around for reference?

Apr 28, 14 1:07 pm

mv118,  you have to consider the philosophy of the Architecture Program you are applying for. Some schools are technical while others are more design based. The math will be difficult but not impossible. For some of my math classes we were able to bring a calculator and some equation sheets.

If you are passionate, you will succeed. 

Keep us posted.

Best of luck,


Apr 28, 14 1:27 pm

I'm not sure why you would choose technology as a focus with no background in architecture or math. It would be a pretty difficult transition. Learning architectural design is hard enough. The technology courses required for an accredited degree give many architecture students trouble, and most are happy to get through them. They are a real drag.

As the post above says, a degree with a focus in philosophy or history seems more fitting, and to be honest it's the more interesting stuff. 

You're options would be an MArch, which by itself has a number of required technology courses, or a degree in Architectural studies or its equivalent. Technology just seems like a bizarre focus considering the jump you're making.

Apr 29, 14 8:17 am

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